My Lipstick Collection

So I'll start off by stating the obvious: I have a type. I love mauvy nudes and anything with a hint of brown. I find that these type of shades flatter my skin type the most, so many of these lip products pull towards those colors even in their individual categories. In this post, I'll be breaking down my favorite lip shades in different formulas in each of their color families - with links to each lippy! I picked out only my absolute favorites, because if I go through my entire collection, we'll be here all day. So if you're looking for some new lip shades to add to your collection, keep on reading below!


left to right:

Chocolate Crepe - NYXThis lippy has become one of my recent favorites solely for it's formula. It's not your traditional lipstick that dries to a matte finish. Instead it's categorized as a "butter gloss" which gives you a glossy look but a more buttery smooth texture that holds up for quite a few hours! This shade gives my lips a beautiful tint and gloss all in one, without feeling sticky or uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. And the best part? That price tag!

Piquant - Starlooks: The perfect plum-y mauve. I received this Starlooks lip paint in one of my recent Boxycharm boxes and instantly fell in love. It is so comfortable on the lips and gives my lips such a deep, but wearable, tint that goes with almost anything. It has the perfect combination of plum and red undertones for such a nice deep mauve shade. It dries down to a matte finish and will not budge for the world even when eating or drinking. Love this one!

Grunge - Colourpop: If you know about Colourpop, you know that aside from their super affordable prices, their product quality is amazing. This is one of their earlier shade releases and I constantly have it on repeat. It provides a mid-tone mauve color that pairs so well with every look I've ever worn it with. It is one of their most comfortable matte lip formulas and I this shade looks so beautiful across so many skin tones! Such a win across all marks.

Touchable Taupe - Maybelline: My absolute favorite lipstick formula from the drugstore is the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks - hands down. They are so pigmented, so buttery smooth, so affordable, and their shade range is amazing. This one has been one of my original favorites from their "The Buffs" collection. It does look a bit deeper in the tube but goes on as a "my lips but better" shade. I wear it to work almost daily and I get so many compliments all the time. So if you're looking for an everyday, natural-but-elevated, lip shade - this is your winner.

Whirl - MAC:  Many, if not all, who have heard of this lip shade immediately think of the infamous Kylie Jenner, who once mentioned this as the shade she wears on most of her photos. I can't even remember how many times this shade sold out as a lip liner and later as the lipstick duplicate. But, I have to give it to her: this shade is stunning. It looks great on every skin tone I've seen it on and it is the classic mauve. It has a slight brown undertone that I love on my skin tone, mixed with a beautiful dusty rose finish.

Untainted Spice - Maybelline: Another shade from "The Buffs" collection. I think I'm probably in my third tube of this lipstick shade because it is just so perfect. It has a deeper tone than Touchable Taupe and gives off a very deep mauve vibe that I live for. Not quite pink, not quite brown, this shade is absolutely gorgeous.



left to right:

Tansy - Colourpop: Colourpop's Satin Lip formula is my favorite. It doesn't dry down to matte finish, so it will transfer, but their shade range is flawless and they wear on the lips so comfortably. They are just as opaque as their matte lippies and this shade is no exception. I love this shade for a night out! Instead of reaching for a red or pink, a brown is my go-to. It has a slight orange undertone that is so flattering on the skin and goes against traditional browns. If you don't want a super dark brown that you can still wear through the day and maintains a wearable, but deeper tone, look into getting yourself this one - and maybe some other shades from this flawless formula.

Taurus - Colourpop: The site describes this color as a "mid-tone yellow brown" and that's exactly what it is. My favorite brown shades have a warmer tone with taricotta hints. This shade is so stunning and I'm sadly already getting to the bottom of my tube. The formula is extremely comfortable and doesn't feel dry or crackly after hours of wear. KathleenLights did such an amazing job with this collab and I will definitely be repurchasing soon!

Raw Chocolate - Maybelline: This shade is part of Maybelline's new 2017 line " The Inti-Mattes." All matte shades with gorgeous wearable colors to suit so many skin tones. The very day I saw swatches of this shade I knew I had to run to my local Target and get my hands on it. It's been the one I reach for almost every day since I purchased it. Paired with the amazing Maybelline formula and this warm-brown color, this is quickly becoming one of my staple shades.

Americano - OFRA: This is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks across all formulas and shades. It is so flattering on the lips, so pigmented and the formula is one of the best. It pairs beautifully with pretty much any looks and can transition from a day to night shade flawlessly. If you haven't tried any of the OFRA liquid lipstick formulas, you're missing out! They last so long and have a huge variety to choose from.



from left to right:

Ruffle Trim - NYX: This shade is part of NYX's Lip Lingerie line. I almost got myself each shade in this collection because the shades are so amazing! This one is definitely one of my favorites. It shows up pink on my lips but not a light, babydoll pink. It's a tad deeper and gives a feminine but mature feel altogether. On top of that, the formula of these NYX liquid lipsticks are so good. Although this is a drugstore product, this formula competes with the higher-end liquid lipstick on the market, in my opinion. NYX does it again! The price is just right and the applicator makes it so easy to apply the product. 

1995 - Gerard Cosmetics: Just as the description suggests, this color is a nod to the 90's lip colors that were so popular at that time - and I love it. The shade is so beautiful and so wearable and the formula is also a good one. I will say it's not one of the longer-lasting formulas out there, but it does do well for some time. This shade is also a close tone to MAC's Whirl lipstick, but the hint of pink pulls it to this category for me.

Maple Kiss - Maybelline: Yet another shade from Maybelline's "The Buffs" collection! This is definitely one of the darker pinks I have in my collection. It's playful and girly and brightens up the face when you wear it. I recommend this color to anyone looking for a deep-toned pink with darker tone.

Rouge Volupte 3: Ultimate Beige - YSL: I few months back I wanted to treat myself to one of the ever-popular YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks. Aside from wanting to know what all the rave was about, I could not resist that absolutely stunning packaging - am I right?! It has SPF, a slight hint of shimmer and amazing pigmentation. When I first tried this, I could not believe how SMOOTH it was as it glided on the lips! The formula is like none other - it feels like my lips are getting the ultimate spa treatment. It does not feel uncomfortable when wearing and has the most wonderful feeling on the lips. Oh, and this shade? Perfection. So flattering and so stunning. Although I do wish the shade range had bit more variety, this is one of the deepest shades in the collection. However, all the pinks and nudes are 10's. The ultimate beige - the ultimate "my lips but better." Get it. 

Taupe - MAC: I've categorized this lip shade as MAC's Whirl, but pinker. Just as all the other MAC lipsticks, this shade is opaque, smooth and long-lasting. It has more of a rosier undertone than Whirl and I love to wear it for daytime.  

Abu Dhabi - NYX: Okay, here's another no-brainer. NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creams are sheer genius! They are one of NYX's best products in my opinion. I have a couple of their shades in this collection but this is definitely one of my go-to's. It is a very subtle pinky nude that compliments the skin. The best part? It smells like cupcakes!!



(I completely forgot to take product photos for these - so sorry!)

from left to right

Gone Greige - Maybelline: When Maybelline released their Loaded Bolds collection I was so excited. The line is filled with loud, intense colors that you can't find in many stores or brands. One of the first colors I gravitated to was Gone Greige. It is so appropriately named with it's mixture of grey and beige tones. I love the unique, subtle brown undertone it gives off and how wearable it is at the same time. If you're into the greys - grab yourself this shade now!

Sepia - Anastasia Beverly Hills: They say ABH has one of the best, if not THE best, liquid lipstick formulas out there - and I'm not one to argue. These products are so amazing - from their pigmentation to their packaging to their longevity. This shade is so beautiful and not one you see very often. It is definitely a stand-out shade that compliments so many skin tones so uniquely. Another good grey/brown I absolutely love.



from left to right:

Pitch - Colourpop: A deep, cool brown for whenever you're feeling edgy and daring. I am obsessed with this shade and all the great ways to wear it. I often wear it in the daytime with a very subtle eye look and it totally elevates it all. This is the perfect chocolate brown to reach for.

Creature - Colourpop: Unfortunately, I think this shade has been discontinued! But if you can somehow get your hands on it, it is a definite must-have. A rich burgundy red shade that plays with traditional and modern tones. I absolutely love it for special occasions or a night out!

Divine Wine - Maybelline: I think this is one of Maybelline's most beautiful red shades. It's very wearable and so classic. Appropriately named, it reminds me of red wine. I love this shade particularly on deeper shades - it is perfection. A great formula and an even better price tag? Yes, please!

Copenhagen - NYX: When this shade first released I remember going MONTHS going from every Ulta and every drugstore to try to find it. It was all the rage, and for a reason. This red shade is so rich and stunning. I purposely don't use it as much as I'd like to just to make it last longer. The smell is so nice and the formula is buttery smooth. It is most definitely a staple in the darks and red family and I plan to keep it that way.

Dreaming of You - MAC: This lipstick was part of Mac's Selena collection that dropped just late last year in honor of the late Selena Quintanilla. A dear friend of mine gifted this shade to me and I was so excited! It is a classic, deep red that perfectly embodies Selena's style. The collection is limited edition and if you can still get your hands on it, you should! The names, the products and the shades of each product are wonderful. So happy I have one of these in my collection. 

Rouge Pur Couture - The Mats 205 - YSL: Last, but certainly not least, my very first YSL lipstick! This red shade is my favorite. It is a stunning, deep red with a brown undertone that is so perfect for the holiday season and special occasions. The packaging is so luxurious and the formula is, again, like no other. I love how it feels on the lips and how opaque it goes on. The entire line is filled with stunning shades and it is worth the money for your collection. Love, love, love this deep red SO much!


If you've stuck it out this long, you're the real MVP! So there you have it, my current favorite lippys in my collection. I hope you found something you love or hope to try! Thanks so much for reading. Until next time! <3

Love, Valerie