Olive Over Everything

Well, it's officially been one full month since my last post here. Whoa. To be honest, it feels like it's been ages. I've been quite disconnected for awhile but sometimes, life. just. happens. I had to take some time to myself to figure some things out and recharge, but I'll tell you the truth: I'm not 100% there just yet. Ever been in such a funk that time kind of just passes you and when you look back you realize just how much time has passed and you can't even bring yourself up to even do anything about it? Well, if that made any sense to you, that's been life lately. But taking a moment to realize that this creative outlet I've made for myself actually brings me so much excitement and healthy expression made me put my big girl pants on and deliver - and I'm so glad I finally did. Okay, so maybe this all sounds foreign to you and you have no idea why I'm even babbling. But I wanted to share a little something I've been focusing on over the last few weeks. And that's that no matter what unplanned or unpleasant situations are brought into your life, you are where you're meant to be. Not where your friends are, or your coworkers, or members of your family. You are in a place that is so necessary for you to be present so that you can grow and prepare for what's to come. Inconvenience and changed plans are not irrelevant. Choose to let those things develop your mind and trust in the love and plans that are made for you. Tap into truth and stop trying to understand all the whys. Run full force towards your passion, your purpose and the people, places and things that set your heart on fire.



If you've followed me for a while, you know I'm not big on the whole "color" thing. I much prefer to stroll on over to the monochromatic section of the store and get myself another white top or yet another black pair of jeans to add to my closet. But throughout the years, I've always been drawn to the color olive. It gives off a very sophisticated feel and compliments black and white pieces beautifully. So when New Look reached out and asked me to pick a few pieces from their shop, I instantly knew I wanted to add another coat to my collection. When I saw this structured olive coat (similar here and here) I did not hesitate for a moment to put it in my shopping cart. It falls at just the perfect length and flows so nicely when draped over the shoulders. I wanted to keep the entire look neutral and center around earthy tones, so I went for a beige, chunky sweater with black pants and boots - really keeping the coat the main attention-getter for the overall look. To spruce it all up, I added my most current favorite belt from LuLu's that goes with everything and I got for such an amazing price!


Coat: New Look | Sweater: H&M | Belt: LuLu's | Jeans: A&F | Boots: Zara

Love, Valerie