Mesh-y Situation

Unlike many of my posts, this particular post is more revolved around styling rather than actual pieces. I love that this entire look is a combination of closet staples that can be transformed into a whole new look. The top I have on can double as a button down top and a dress depending on where you're heading. If you have trouble finding a shirt dress, aim for the men's department and get yourself a button up that falls a little below your bum (they have better options, in my opinion). When it comes to the pants, I went with a classic, blank cigarette pant. Since the top is more on the larger side, pairing a narrow leg pant will help balance out the two pieces for a more polished look. I also love wearing tops like this with my everyday black jeans (you can't go wrong!). My favorite part of this look are the shoes! I've been loving the sock trend lately and I wanted to take a whirl at it without having to dish out a lot of money. So I grabbed my basic pair of black pointed heels that I've had in my closet for years and purchased these $3 mesh socks from Amazon (such a deal!). I slipped them right over my heels and just like that I had a brand new pair of shoes! And the best part about this is that it can be completely customizable. Try it with your favorite pair of heels and different color socks to compliment that outfit you're wearing. It completely elevates a simple, staple look into something totally transformed. 

Photography by: Michelle Cordero


Top: H&M | Pants: Forever21 | Heels: Christian Siriano | Socks: Amazon

Love, Valerie